Learn what parents and campers alike have to say about their EPIC experience!

  • “Exceeded expectations - way better than I thought an online camp could be!”


  • “The camp went above and beyond my expectations. Even though the camp was virtual, there was still plenty of engagement and interaction between campers and counselors, something that typically gets lost during the shift to online. Furthermore, the activities and panels were extremely helpful as I decide which engineering discipline to major in college.”


  • “This program was really fun and I learned a lot more about engineering, arduino, and python. All of the counselors and lab leads were really nice and helpful.”


  • “My favorite part of EPIC was the group hangouts in between our lab and speakers because it was a nice break and I got to know other campers. I also liked the last panel/speaker of the day where we talked more about college because I got to hear more about what college is like without it feeling scripted.”


  • “I would definitely recommend to someone interested about engineering or someone unsure about what major to pursue.”


  • “I loved the engineering panels because as a rising senior I learned a lot about what major I should apply for and student life at Cal Poly.”


  • “I loved coming up with my own project and trying to merge different parts of what I learned to make something better.


  • “I came into camp knowing that I wanted to be an engineer, but was worried that I needed to know which discipline of engineering when applying.  Hearing about the differences between disciplines of engineering are has really helped shape my decision. I now know that I will study either mechanical or aerospace and that is thanks to you.  Thank you for taking the time out to help myself and those who are curious about college make a more informed decision.”


  • "My daughter loved this experience both for the exposure to various engineering disciplines and the sheer fun of it! The leaders and other campers were amazing. I'd recommend this camp in a heartbeat!!"


  • "This camp is just AMAZING!! It has been probably the most fun I've had all summer. The crew is super cool and supportive. All the counselors were SUPER FUN and really encouraging. The staff was always there to help, with a smile on their faces. The kids were all nice and I never felt discouraged or left out. The competitions were fun, competitive but not over the top. Team spirit was extremely high, by the last day I could hardly talk because we were yelling soo loud!...If you are skeptical or unsure if you will like Cal Poly EPIC, set all your fears behind and sign up! It will be a week you will never forget!"


  • "My son...had a great time. I will highly recommend to friends and family. He had an outstanding experience and loved this camp – the hands-on philosophy, the professional teaching staff, and the enthusiastic and helpful counselor staff were all big positives. He learned a lot, became clearer on his interests in engineering, and had a lot of fun. The inclusive feel of the entire experience made a big difference for him.. He is introverted and can be overlooked in large groups, but he felt completely welcomed and part of the team. He felt heard, which can be hard for an extremely reserved personality. He has attended a couple of other college-based programs and EPIC was, by far, his best experience. Thank you!" 

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