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Application closed on April 15, 2021. To be notified when the application for 2022 is available, sign up for an EPIC account if you don't already have one. 

If you have been admitted to the 2021 program and have already paid for the registration, click the login button to continue with registration and topic selection.



Session 1 June 21-25          Grades 7-8

Session 2 June 28-July 2    Grades 9-12

Session 3 July 5-9                Grades 9-12

Session 4 July 12-16            Grades 9-12

Session 5 July 19-23            Grades 9-12


*NOTE: Grades based on Fall 2021 enrollment status. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 EPIC will NOT be able to offer a residential program in 2021. 


Cost: $450

  • Fee includes all programming and engineering kit
  • Live Virtual Engineering and Programming class 
  • Live virtual office hours to help with engineering project 
  • Live virtual speakers: Cal Poly Admissions, Industry Speaker, College Life, Engineering Majors, Engineering Student Panels 
  • Live virtual Social Events: Scavenger hunt, talent show, and more 
  • Virtual Tours: Cal Poly, College of Engineering, and Housing 

Highlights and Daily Schedule (Pacific Standard Time)

8:10-9:00 am               Hangout Social Activities

9:10am-11:00am        Engineering Class

11:10am-12:00pm      Programming Class

1:10pm-2:00pm          Engineering Fields Presentations / Virtual Tours

2:10pm-3:00pm          Office Hours




TOPIC 1: Arduino Rube-Goldberg Machine covering Computer, 
Software, Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical, and General Engineering 

DescriptionStudents will go through a variety of hands-on projects to learn about the world of computers, software, and electronics. They will learn about microcontrollers, writing software, read sensors and control hardware, and construct a mechanical apparatus.


TOPIC 2: Designing Structures for Earthquakes covering Civil, Structural, Computer Science, and General Engineering

Description: Students will participate in hands-on activities to learn how earthquakes impact buildings as well as the design methods and technologies that ensure greater seismic safety. They will learn about shake-table testing of small structures, applying sensors, writing software to analyze data, as well as constructing earthquake force-resisting systems. Engineering fields that will be covered include Civil/Structural Engineering, Computer Science, and General Engineering.


TOPIC 3: Automated plant care covering Engineering and Agriculture

Description: Sensors and controls are used in many aspects of Agriculture today, whether crops are grown in the field or in a factory. This lab will explore the use of various sensors to monitor weather and soil conditions around a single plant. Collected data will be used with a controller to help provide for the plant's wellbeing in various ways.


Virtual Workshop Requirements

  • Access to a computer (Windows PC or MAC)
  • Access to reliable internet
  • Non-school district issued email address
  • Workspace area
  • Available daily from 8:10am-3:00pm
  • Secure mailing address (Engineering Kits will be mailed here.)

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