Residential Details

This page provides details to prepare your student for staying on the Cal Poly campus.

Dorm Assignments

All students will be assigned to a redbrick dorm. The dorm building has three floors; each floor has two wings separated by a central sitting room. Campers will be assigned to gender-specific wings. EPIC counselors will be chaperoning students and staying in the dorms with a 1:10 ratio (1:8 ratio for campers under 14).

Campers will be placed in a double-occupancy or a triple-occupancy room.


California Polystechnic State Univeristy strives to make campus housing for all programs a welcoming and safe space for all residents, and offers gender-inclusive housing.  It is a program that broadens a person's choices and helps ensure living arrangements that are welcoming and inclusive for all members of our communtiy.

Gender-inclusive housing may be of interest to:

  • Members of the LGBTQ, gender and sexual diversity and ally communities
  • Students who are exploring their gender identity
  • Students who do not wish to identify themselves by gender
  • Students who would be comfortable with a roomate of a different gender identity

If you are interested in being assigned to a Gender-Inclusive room, please email us with your request. If you are not, you do not need to respond. We will assign you to a room based on the gender you entered in the application with other campers of the same reported gender.

What to Bring

Linens (sheets, blankets and pillow case) and a pillow will be provided. Students are welcome (and encouraged) to bring their own towel (towels are small), sheets, blankets & pillow if they prefer.

Please be sure to pack the following items along with your clothes. See the EPIC Dress Code below for specifications on appropriate camp clothing.

  • Closed toed shoes
  • Sneakers for hiking
  • Socks for bowling
  • Long pants (some labs and company tours require long pants)
  • Sweatshirt or Jacket for night activities (it gets cold at night in SLO)
  • Bathing Suit (please see dress code) and Beach Towel
  • Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.
  • Flashlight for night hike
  • School ID Card for Recreation Center access (16 and older)*
Optional Items
  • Shower Shoes
  • Snacks (Rooms have refrigerators in them)
  • Phones are allowed but may not be used during camp activities, except for taking photos
  • Camera
  • Beach Bag
  • Spending money for snacks, Starbucks, arcade and University Bookstore
*If Rec Center pass not purchased before arrival, they can be purchased from Rec Center. (Must be at least 16 and with an ID)

What NOT to Bring

Please do not bring computers, tablets, or valuables. EPIC and Cal Poly are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

EPIC Dress Code

All apparel should promote a positive learning environment and should not be distracting in any way. Clothing should cover cleavage, midriff, chest, and buttocks; undergarments should be covered and not visible. Attire that is see-through, strapless, or backless is prohibited. Shorts/skirts must extend to the end of the fingertips and pants should not sag. Apparel that depicts illegal substances, profanity, or other offensive language is forbidden. Students will be asked to change clothes if what they are wearing is inappropriate. Swimsuits must be modest.

Please refer to for additional information.