EPIC Testimonials

Here is what parents and campers have to say about EPIC.

July 31, 2015, Parent of 12th Grader

EPIC 2015 (Session 3) surpassed all our expectations! My son had a blast, and came home with some clear hopes and plans for himself in the field of Engineering. He left with a comfortable grasp of what each of the fields of Engineering is all about.  I was impressed at the confidence that your program inspires.  The terminology could sound intimidating to non-Engineers (like myself) or even to high school students.  The projects and the teamwork were just perfect.  He had some very clear ideas of what he likes and what he hopes to do.  The tour of Lockheed Martin was icing on the cake. We are beyond thankful that he had this opportunity and are very impressed with Cal Poly SLO!

- Nannette O'Donnell

July 18, 2015, 8th Grade Camper

    EPIC was much more than I expected. It was educational, thrilling, outstanding, and all out fun! In my welding class I made a pot holder and a key chain. In Aero 4 I made a satellite transmitter. Each class I took taught me something new about the fields of engineering. The instructors were smart, engaging, and helpful. My counselor, Jaime, was nice and inspiring. I met a lot of people that I have become friends with. I want to thank you for the scholarship for the EPIC residential program. I want to become a mechanical engineer and will apply to Cal Poly in the future. My week was EPIC!!
- Liam Jenkins

July 13, 2014, Parent of 11th Grader

Thank you so much for including Sam in the last EPIC program! Sam was "on the fence" about engineering and your program has solidified her decision to pursue engineering. She seems to have a new found confidence and maturity. Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into this program, it was the best possible thing she could have done at her age.

- Paula Sorenson

July 19, 2014, 12th Grade Camper

I just wanted to take a  moment and express a few highlights about this past week, make a personal contact with each of you, and say thank you. Overall, my experience at Cal Poly was nothing short of EPIC!  It was educationally fun, personally challenging and gave me a picture of what the college experience will be like.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the week were the hands on activities in the labs and exploring the vastness of engineering opportunities. It was challenging to step out of my comfort zone (as I have attended a small private Christian school for the past 12 years) and to meet new people, but nonetheless was able to bond lasting friendships in the short time while at camp. I realized that both dorm life is doable, and the School of Engineering at Cal Poly is true to its' exceptional reputation.

Thank you for the opportunity that EPIC camp offers youth today and for allowing me to experience this small picture of what lies ahead.  To the staff, my counselor, Megan Garcia, and various instructors, you were all encouraging, helpful and knowlegable.  Thank you! 

-Aaron DeWolf

July 25, 2014, Parent of 12th Grader

    I would like to take a moment to thank all EPIC staff and administration for providing such an amazing program for students to attend during the summer. My son attended session 2 and can't stop talking about all the great things he learned and saw during the session. He liked the campus atmosphere and felt comfortable while there. He also mentioned it was great meeting and working with other students from other areas with the same interest.

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures posted during the session. It was great to see that there was a variety of activities available to meet the needs of all students. I feel this was a very valuable experience and it will help him decide in his decision making for future goals.

    Once again, thank for the well structured valuable program and opportunity you offered to my son as well as others.

- Martha Ramirez


July 21, 2014, Parent of 12th Grader

I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting on such a great camp! My son Lorenzo, came home with an overwhelming amount of enthusiam and excitement about all the great stuff he did this past week. It was great that Lorenzo had the opportunity to experience what college life will be like living in a Cal Poly dorm, as Cal Poly has been his first choice school for quite some time. 

Overall this was such a successful and eye-opening experience for him and i just wanted to thank both of you and your staff from the bottom of my heart for allowing him to attend and making it such a great week. I am hopeful that many other kids will get to experience this camp and that you will continue to offer this great opportunity for many more years to come!

-Stacy Lucchese

July 23, 2014, Parent of 10th Grader

I just wanted to pass on to you how very much my son John Vogel enjoyed attending the EPIC camp earlier this month.  He absolutely loved the entire experience and greatly benefited from the exposure to different engineering disciplines.  He was excited to tell me all about the projects he worked on, the field trip to Lockheed Martin, the Cal Poly campus, the fun activities Megan and the other counselors planned and the good friends he made throughout the week.  (This was especially impressive because as a typical 15 year old boy he doesn't freely share all that much with his mother).

We were initially interested in finding a introductory engineering camp because John's public high school does not currently offer any engineering courses.  He has always been strong in math and science and knew those skills were used in engineering, but really didn't know much about different engineering specialties.  Since we had learned that potential college engineering majors typically need to declare engineering when applying to schools as freshmen, we decided to look for a camp that could give him a good overview before he started his college application process.  We feel very fortunate that the EPIC camp gave him so much insight and exposure that he otherwise may not have had before graduating high school. The EPIC camp was exactly what we were looking for and well worth the expense and effort to travel to from Seattle. 

Thank you again,

Kirsten Vogel

July 14, 2014, Parent of Junior

I just wanted to let you know that my son, Nicholas Uebel, enjoyed EPIC very much. He thought Cal Poly was "awesome" and he will "definitely apply there." He is considering aerospace or architectural engineering. 

So, EPIC fulfilled my purpose: to get Nick excited about college, give him something to strive for and keep his grades up for, and have a fun time. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to you, your staff, and the tireless counselors!

-Laurie Uebel, (ARCH 88)